Cap Women Roar

Princeton hosted “She Roars” the first-ever reunion just for women the weekend of April 30th, and 1,100 women returned to campus for three days of lectures, conversations, and events.  Cap women stopped by Cap and Gown over the weekend to see the beautiful new addition and check in on the House Parties festivities.

Here is a photo from the new sundeck: (back row) Jean Smith ’77, Lallie Lloyd, Molly Darrell Reed ’75, Suzy Stupin ’75, Nonnie Frelinghuysen ’76, Debbie Smith ’75, Lisa Schmucki ’74, Andrea de Cholnoky ’78, Meg Whitman ’77, Sally Sears ’75, Meg Osius ’77; (seated) Kim Wilson ’84, Joan (Pinkie) Connelly ’76

We all agreed we need to host more events for Cap women!

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