Opening Night at Cap

A Message from Michael Mathews ’62…

Let the celebrations begin. I stopped by Cap on opening night to find our architects, Dennis, our undergraduate officers, Lisa and Mike Camp basking in the glow of the refinished wood in the old dining room, beneath improved lighting and looking into a new serving area that clearly had worked to feed our returning classes of 2011 and 2012 for the evening meal.

The work that had preceded this event was Herculean. Another huge thanks to Dennis, aka Hercules.

I can report that a brief after-dinner tour showed the old building totally up and ready for business, with new space working in the basement and with elegant restroom facilities installed and functioning. Dennis had no time to unpack his office but there are two very comfortable leather chairs which I also tried out.

One of the benefits of living in town for me is to be able to travel up to Prospect Street and to have a look on occasions such as this. I am sending this to you all simply to report that major progress has been made and is a milestone to be celebrated.

Thanks to all of the hard working team for all that you have done for the current and future generations at Cap.

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