Coming Up This Fall at Cap!

The fall semester at Princeton is about to begin, and the undergrads are on the verge of returning to Cap to see all the changes that have taken place over the summer.

You must be itching to return, too!  You never need an excuse to come by Cap, but the fall is a beautiful time to return to campus and catch a football game, a soccer game, a field hockey game, visit the Art Museum or the new Lewis Science Center, see a play at McCarter, or catch any of the many events on campus these days.

Here are a few links to schedules:
Art Museum:
Campus Events:
Campus Venues:

The best time to return- for a great party at Cap- is the weekend of thePrinceton vs. Harvard football game on Saturday, October 23rd at 1pm.  We’ll be hosting our annual “homecoming” party at Cap featuring the Blaire Reinhard Band!  Check them out at  Come for food, music, fun and to see friends –and to see progress on the renovations to the main clubhouse, and the new wing.

If you stop by the club and are as amazed by the transformation as we are, send us your reactions (and photos) to  We’ll post up what you have to say on the Cap Blog for your 15 minutes of Cap fame!

Here are some of the latest pictures from construction:  The new dining room, servery, first floor balcony, and a view from the courtyard.

We hope to see you at Cap!

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